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Hi, I'm Yamen

Nope, My name doesn’t relate at all to the country of Yemen. A Senior Art Director with BFA degree in Graphic design, Uk born, Cairo Raised and finally based in Hamburg.
I believe in game changing ideas, inspired collaborations and designing a better future as I help brands and sometimes I create my own.

+40 7359 88183

Brands I’ve Helped


TBWA/Raad, Cairo

Senior Art Director
Aug 2015 - Apr 2019

Purple Dimension, Uk

Senior Art Director
Dec 2012 - Jul 2015

TBWA\ Raad, Cairo

Senior Graphic Designer
Sep 2011 - Sep 2012

Brand Kitchen, Cairo

Senior Graphic Designer
Sep 2009 - Aug 2011

Vangogh, Cairo

Graphic Designer
Jan 2009 - Aug 2009

Strategies BBDO, Cairo

Intern Graphic Designer
Jun 2008 - Oct 2008


Miami AD School, Hamburg

Art Direction Portfolio Diploma
April 2019 - Present

Faculty of Applied Arts, Egypt

Bachelor of Applied arts, Graphic Design
2010 - 2005

Awards & Publications

Top Dog – Miami Ad School Europe Q3/2019
IKEA - 2020
Chromax - 2013
Henkel General - 2012
Henkel Pril - 2012
Henkel Combat - 2012

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